Netlink Solutions Limited

Nominet TAG Compliance.

Netlink Solutions is a registrar for Nominet, and as such is able to register domains. In the event of abuse or complain please e-mail Netlink Solutions on or phone on UK 01923 841112


12 Bellfield Avenue

Questions by e-mail will be dealt with inside 24 hours

Complaints will be dealt with by Netlink Solutions Limited staff, and if no satisfactory solution is found, an external third party may be consulted.

Nominet's terms and Conditions may be viewed directly on their site for the latest edition. (

We issue a one time warning for expiring domains by e-mail, expected to be two weeks prior to expiry, but may be sooner than 2 weeks.

Netlink Solutions do not charge a transfer in/out fee, or cancellation fee

Renewal by the customer is required by e-mail, and is not considered bindding or valid until a positive confirmation by e-mail is received from Netlink Solutions Limited, on company headed paper.